Gaming or the game of life

Fantasy games

I’m watching Supernatural at the moment. Yes, the one with Sam and Dean. It’s one of my favourite shows and has been for a few years.

Tonights episode is about life RPG’s (role playing games). That’s where people actually dress up as if they were the characters from such games. Nothing spectacular there.

It was this comment that got me thinking. “I play these games to escape my crappy life”. Again, I realise it’s a show but the comment rings true.

I get gaming because I play console games myself. So may be I’m be a little contradictory here. Yet there are so many kids (and adults) that play console and board games, like Dungeons and Dragons, to escape their real lives.

Understandably, some of those people may have serious challenges in their lives – like abuse or under-privileged. Then I get escaping.

But most people I know that play games way too often use it to escape the awesome thing we call “life”. It doesn’t take much imagination to make the most out of it either. I’m at the ripe young age of 40 and still consider myself a big kid.

Take a look at my Flickr account.
Out walking

Yep, that’s me. I’m just a guy that loves to get out into the real world and take (usually) random photos. That’s called living.

The game of life is far superior and exciting than any console or board game.



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